Thursday 27 July 2017

Dear Pa

You loved. You fought. You shared a lot of what you knew and thought. You taught me much in numerous ways. Your blood runs in my veins. You gave me the name the world knows me by. Life was bitter and sweet, but you played a big part in making me who I am.

You slept that night to never wake up. I've been grateful, for you went in peace. Life went on. Time never stopped. You must have moved on and so have I. I see you in my dreams. I wonder if you are a star in the sky. At times I feel your presence, as the helpful soul that nudges me to go on. I know all this sounds childish but then that's what I would always have been to you - a child, your child.

I know very well that birth and death are bound by time. Yet its moments brought upon by time, which make me wish that that night had never come and you were still around. When I walked down the aisle, I wished my hand was in your arm. When I first became a mother, I wanted to hear the joy in your voice. When I see my sons playing, my heart aches at them never knowing you. I long for your hug, for your pat on my back, for your kiss on my forehead because nothing mattered more than the 'well done' you've ever said.

'Trust in God & Do The Right' - you believed. This lifetime may not have allowed you a lot but nothing compares your honesty, integrity and intelligence. Destiny tossed you about for a very long time but it could never steal your kind heart and gentle soul.

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These ten years gone and for as many as I live, I will be a proud daughter. You were, you are and will always be greatly missed - Dear Pa!
With much love.

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