Wednesday 8 February 2017


Sometimes associated with particular events, at other times just random emotions zig-zagging across my being, MOODS shares moments as felt by the heart. The endless number of feelings and their intertwined complexity has never stopped to amaze me. It is fairly easy to state 'how I feel' but we don't analyse often enough 'why I feel the way I feel', which is what would help us understand our own self and others. It is so important to do this. A lot of times, this may happen retrospectively because it is only human to go with the flow when in that mood. For me, it has often been a self-discovery, a lesson that perceptions change constantly, that a bit of mind needs to be present in any mood to prevent us from being carried away totally. 

Moods - the many halts in the humdrum of the daily life with some after-thoughts. There will be some that you may relate to and others which make you say 'what is she talking about?'. For me, they are like trying to find the end of the rainbow, which only moves farther as I walk towards it. I know there is no end, but I go on because I do love the colors that their spectrum adds to life.

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