Tuesday 14 February 2017

The Annual Declaration of Love

Should I call him? It’s well past midnight already.
When he answers in a sleepy voice, I will say “Happy Valentine’s Day darling!”. He will say the same to me. I will then ask “You were fast asleep (as if I had expected him to be at some mad teenage party, ha!). I just wanted to wish you. Listen, you sleep now and we will talk in the morning. Good night love”. Hang up. Do this to the man who has to be up early in the morning, will then have a crazy schedule at work. Really??? Na, no, nope. How is tonight any different from the other times when he is away and I miss him except for this being the start of 14th February. I can’t find a reason. If he was here, then what? He would still go to work as normal. Perhaps come home with a bouquet of over-priced Red Roses (including a flimsy heart-on-a-stick or a silly foil balloon with swollen red lips), if he was lucky enough to find one by the time he finished work. Most likely we would order in a take-away for dinner, have some wine, put the kids to bed as usual, have some us-time and sleep. But then we do it whenever we want to all through the year without really marking the dates on the calendar. I much prefer the unexpected bunch of Lilies, Chrysanthemums, Carnations or Roses (at normal prices) that he brings in along with the grocery shopping.

Has marriage killed the charm? Or been together too long? In these 15 years or more, we have grown together, build a life together. Him holding my hand when I sit next to him while watching television is no less important than him holding it at times of misery, because it only tells me one thing – he loves me. I believe this is going to be case for the future (don’t want to say till I die on such a lovely day), then why should I confine my expression of love for him to a single titled day. This stands equally true for every other relationship I have – my sons, my family & all my friends. Everyone who I love or care for, I love them all the time and they should know this 24/7 x 365 days.

Love is the purest form of Faith. A Faith that keeps your Hope alive. That Hope which gives you the courage to smile through the toughest times. Love, in all its myriad forms, is what keeps us going, is what gives life its essence. I love you, I miss you, been thinking about you – say it whenever you feel it and really mean. The warmth, the embrace, the smile it brings on will be more than cherished. Love is a beautiful ripple – create it, spread it, be part of it, celebrate it, in each moment you live, in each day that life gives you. The wider the ripple expands, the more it enfolds in its return to bring back to you.

So, while you’ll be mega busy today keeping up pace at clicking the little blue thumbs-up at all the pictures of red roses, cards, gifts, ready-for-dinner outfits followed by the check-ins at the restaurants and plates of food in order of the 3-4-whatever course meal, posted with general knowledge information shouting something to the effect of ‘look, look, what I got’ or ‘see, see, how much I am loved’ on FB, I hope you also find time through the rest of the year to give a peck on the cheek, to pass the bear hug, to pick up the phone and call, to text, to say it aloud, to hold a hand, to just be there for everybody that matters to you. And once you’ve been doing this, you will no longer feel the need to go bonkers at this annual celeb(decla)ration of love.

PS. Did I wake up at the stroke of midnight to wish the love of my life? Are you kidding? I was nearly kicked out of his bed by my 2-year-old ‘coz he doesn’t need mummy once he’s fallen asleep. 

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!!

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